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May 01, 2013

Spring Motivational Tips!

Posted by Brian Murphy

OK, its May and it's Spring...and with that comes fresh ideas popping up everywhere! Here at Concort we're sprouting new ideas more than ever and the creativity is flowing. Sometimes however the juices aren't flowing as freely as we'd like them too but it helps to have some visual stimuli or at least some motivational stimulation to help steer us back on the right track.

We thought we'd share just some samples of some of our motivational magnets, signs, screen savers and notes from around the office that help us...Maybe they'll help you too! What motivates you?! STAY MOTIVATED and STAY POSITIVE!



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April 16, 2012

12 Bible Verses Each Small Business Should Follow

Posted by Brian Murphy

The Huff Post/Sunday Magazine puts out some good reads but this one especially resonated as a small business owner and one who strives to operate in life with dignity, honor, faith and integrity. I really wanted to share this article and hope that it may resonate with you the in the same way...or at least get ya thinking. I wanted to get this posted in time for Easter but just didn't happen. Anyway, I pray it inspires you like it did me and that you realize that our successes in life are not of our own doing.

You can read the full article here >

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October 20, 2011

5 Things SpongeBob SquarePants Can Teach Us About Business

Posted by Brian Murphy

If you've got kids, heck, even if you don't have kids, you've probably seen an episode or two and have learned there's a lot of adult humor in them that go well above our kid's heads. What's more is there's actually some lessons floating around bikini bottom that we may fail to pick up on.Here's a really cool article from Aol Small Business that has some valuable information we can all learn from a talking sponge!

You can read the full entertaining article here >

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February 12, 2012

BOB—A Creative Short Film By Some Creative People!

Posted by Brian Murphy

We all like animated films. I came across one by a very small group a really talented creators who, by almost no knowledge of the software used to create it, made an incredibly entertaining little short film. Goes to show that with the right tools, some imagination and when you put your mind to it, you can create some magnificent things!

This short film created by Harry Fast and Jacob Frey was done in 6 months from scratch! Check it out >

BOB: Tom Zahner
student producer: Anna Matacz
director: Jacob Frey & Harry Fast
script: Jacob Frey & Stefanie Ren
character design: Harry Fast
lighting & rendering: Michael Lederhuber
music: Karol Obara
sounddesign: Marco Manzo

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