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Book Covers & Book Layout

A book cover is the first impression a potential reader, book buyer, agent or possibly even a publisher will have when considering the interest they have in opening and reading your book fully. Your cover should be strongly representative of the books overall theme, concept and content not to mention very engaging in design. Concort has the design expertise and talent to make your book sore to new heights way before its cover even gets opened. Regardless if you're looking for exceptional book cover design or full layout and desktop publishing for the entire book, Concort can handle all your book cover design and internal pages layout.

High quality book cover design

Concort understands the importance of high quality book cover design and always employs the following process for all book cover design:

  • Enhance the credibility of your book/publication: We'll make sure potential readers want to pick it up and open it as well as have booksellers want to proudly display it on their shelves
  • Strategic design: We ensure that the overall book theme and concept is effectively and creatively conveyed on the book cover
  • Consistent design and layout: The books interior is just as important...Once you gain the readers attention make sure you keep it with excellent layout throughout the book and when appropriate toss in some supporting visuals or design elements consistent with books cover design.


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