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Flash Animation & Video

Concort Communication's expert Flash design and development team has what it takes to add that element of dynamic motion to your website, presentation or video. Concort provides high end, custom Flash design, development and animation services using innovative techniques and creative ideas that will promote your business brand, service or product perfectly and in a very dynamic way. We specialize in providing cutting edge art and design ideas for companies of all sizes from all over the globe and in direct alignment with your specific objectives in mind.

Why do you need to include Flash animation in your website?

At one time, many web developers were pushing towards Flash websites as they thought Flash websites were more brilliant and more interesting than static HTML websites. It was realized soon however that Flash websites, although were very engaging and interactive, did not perform well in search engine results. Concort has learned the secrets to what works and what doesn't when it comes to effectively using Flash in your website. Flash is still a very versatile, effective and dynamic tool when integrated properly. Flash animation in many instance can help to retain visitors longer, creating longer page visits and add that additional element of impact that creates that "wow" factor!

  • Stunningly creative and highly engaging Flash Uses
  • Embedded Animation into website
  • Dynamic navigation
  • Compelling and unique marketing tactics
  • Banner ads
  • Animated ads
  • Embedded video ads


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