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Game Design & Development

Concort brings over a decade of experience in game systems programming, design and development. Our talented game design and development team has the experience and talent to facilitate any game requirement from simple to the more demanding 2D and 3D gaming productions.

Give your customers a truly interactive experience

With the boom of gaming and other entertainment industries over the internet, Concort makes communications interactive, immersive and powerful. Our expertise lies in custom design and programming interactive Flash-based games, using the language of actionscript. Flash games add a lot of value to your websites, presentations or tradeshow kiosk. Whether users are paying to play through a membership type website, or the game is there to entertain and keep your visitors interested, your interactive game developed by Concort's expert team will surely leave a lasting and memorable impression.

Whether you need a full-scale design and development for a game or something smaller scale, we will do it for you efficiently and affordabily. Our design/development team will work with you at any capacity you require, whether with another team you already have in place to fill in the gaps that they may be missing or handling the entire process, we've got the experience and resources to get the project done.

Concort's team specializes in creating:

  • Exciting, immersive and well-balanced game play
  • Intricate and multi-level design
  • Rich, 2D or 3D characters
  • Crisp, uncluttered user interfaces
  • Engaging and believable plots
  • Rich CGI (or photo) Texture Surfaces


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