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Internet Marketing

Concort Communications is a full service website design and development company offering much more than website development. Our online and offline marketing solutions allow businesses to get the most from their websites. We apply no-nonsense, hard-working, results-driven marketing principles and practices to ensure that every business we engage with is set up for success.

Our custom marketing solutions are uniquely fit to every business we work with, regardless of the company size, budget, or objective.


Offline Marketing/Traditional Marketing

Identifying and understanding your true target market is paramount to any successful promotional/marketing campaign. At Concort Communications we believe that effective and compelling creative comes from sound marketing. Our forward thinking enables us to generate work that engages any audience and is capable of competing within any cultural stew.

The core of Concort Communications’ traditional marketing skill set includes corporate identity/logos, branding support, web design, advertising design, brochure design, direct mail, trade show, sales sheets, news letters and tech bulletins, event planning and exhibit design, interactive design, and corporate collateral just to name a few.

Online Marketing

Building a rich and compelling attractive website is just one step...Making sure your customers find your site is just as important. Concort offers some of the most effective marketing options available to businesses looking to drive traffic to their websites. Our experienced team works with your business, one on one, and offers a host of options to ensure your site gets found.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization through Concort allows us to craft unique, original, and one-of-a-kind content for your website. How your site ranks in search engine results really all comes down to relevancy and reliability. The Relevancy is based on your sites overall content and is key to good placement. Concort focuses on these two aspect and will ensure that your site has the most relevant content to get you placed in top search results. Contact us about SEO or get a Free Quote from the tab on the left.

PPC Marketing - Pay Per Click Marketing is a very quick and effective way to get first page, top 5 search results, and fast. Concort writes your ads, generates the most effective keywords based on those ads, sets target traffic and maintains and monitors the results. Contact us about PPC Campaigns or get a Free Quote from the tab on the left.

Ad Campaigns - Reach a broad range of very targeted customers with an eye-catching ad that is strategically placed on relevant partner sites. Concort will work with you to ensure your placed appropriately. Contact us about Ad Campaigns or get a Free Quote from the tab on the left.

Press Release Campaigns - Concort will launch major press releases with established media outlets to introduce your customers to your business, product and/or service. Contact us about Press Release Campaigns or get a Free Quote from the tab on the left.

Viral Video Marketing - Each day millions of people turn to YouTube and other video outlets. Can will help establish your business's brand through this very popular media outlet with a very compelling and stimulating video ad. Build brand exposure with a high impact video ad! Contact us about Viral Video Ad Marketing or get a Free Quote from the tab on the left.

Email Marketing - Email marketing is one of the most effective targeted online marketing initiatives available. When done properly it can be very effective in generating traffic to your site. Concort will design your email and get it in front of a large audience targeted specifically for your business brand. Our current average click through rate is 50% or higher. Contact us about Email Marketing or get a Free Quote from the tab on the left.

Whether you need search engine optimization assistance (SEO), professional sponsored marketing campaign help, or marketing services for your website offline, Concort can help. Contact Us today by calling 717-431-9363 or click here - Or simply click on the Free Quote tab to the left.

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