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Package Design

When it comes to Package Design, Concort likes to think outside, inside and all around the box, bottle, blister pack, or whatever special needs you require. We are leaders in building brands through high end, exceptional design and packaging is no exception.

Your product is not based on any cookie cutter and neither should the design that packages it. Regardless of your brand or product, we've got ideas to package it with attention-grabbing design that will create real customer connections on the store shelves.

Packaging design to sell

A design team with over 15 years of design experience, Concort has the talent and expertise to make sure your product packaging stands out and grabs attention. From boxes and blister packs to rackcards, point-of-purchase (POP) displays and labeling, great design goes a long way towards grabbing attention and increasing sales of your products. Whether you're a small business, large corporation or start-up, we can help. Concort's design team, competitive pricing and exceptional service makes us the right choice for all your package design needs.

Our design methodology

Regardless of the design project our process is the same. Designing your packaging follows a strict process to ensure a successful launch of your product.

  • Design research: Regardless if this is packaging design, POP, brochure, large format display or web, we start with identifying the key goals and objectives
  • Hierarchy: Identifying the most important elements of your package design is key. What do consumers really need to see, read and understand (i.e. what are the key messages and selling points)?
  • Design with a purpose: Scalability is important. Before we begin we ensure that the design will work now and in the future as well as in perfect harmony with existing product lines and/or other key branding components
  • Comping: This is where the designs come to life! Our skills in 3D comping are like no other. We provide you with a full size 3D comp of what the final, finished package design will look like
  • Materials & Production: We work closely with you to ensure the proper materials and finishes are selected to best showcase your product(s) and see the production through to delivery. Alternatively we are always happy to work with your production house if you already have one.

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