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Social Media

Social Media has taken the internet by storm especially in most recent years becoming the ultimate cornerstone of Web 2.0. Social media is a technological path of communication and distribution through small to large audiences. Social Media includes both web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communications into interactive dialogue...It has truly changed the way organizations, communities and individuals communicate and distribute information.

The characteristics of social media

One of a kind—Social Media content must be available and able to be viewed 24/7 in its original state as placed by the publisher. Social Media content is unlike any other form of media content in that it is always in its original state without any fear, worry or doubt that it's been twisted or spun into something typically found on the nightly news.

Reach unlike any other—Its very important that Social Media has a quantifiable reach. Where else can you truly know how many friends, followers, tweets, digs, views, plays, comments, etc you're getting than through the use of Social Media? It's the apparent metric (determined by the audience) that helps to quantify what content or content contributor is best.

Feedback is fuel—Social Media content does a Body Language Social Studies fantastic job at making content by allowing the audience to provide some sort of feedback such as in the form of a tweet, comment, post, digg, etc. Without this type of interaction, the Social Media attempt falls short.

As a business owner or marketer, there's a ton of potential through the use of Social Media pages and Concort stands ready to assist you in all your online Social Media efforts...Whether it be through a custom designed or written Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube page, to integrated blogs, forums, wikis, RSS feeds or chats, we've got the expertise and experience to get you into the social game.

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