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Video Chatting Applications

Video Chatting Applications are becoming more and more popular and as an emerging technology will continue to grow in popularity. Concort Communications can design and develop your customized video chat room or video chat feature into an existing site or build the entire site based around this dynamic technology. Video chatting is a very versatile business tool that allows you to connect with other users, colleagues and business associates around the world or just down the block as if they were right there. We can develop an interface that will allow you to easily and clearly hear, see and chat with people from anywhere.

Endless possibilities with video

When you integrate video chatting it enables a very interactive element to your website that standard text chatting, IM'ing, email and skype chats just don't provide. Combine the power of audio and video into your communications with video chatting capabilities and watch the difference it makes.

Video chatting applications can be used for:

  • One-on-one virtual business meetings
  • Chatting with friends
  • Record and send video chat messages
  • Video social networking
  • Group video chats with multiple people at once
  • Set up and run your own video chat rooms based on various interests
  • Run video webinars
  • Set up and run educational seminars or classes
  • And much more!


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