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Web Design

Your web design is the face of your business, online. It has the power to communicate with your current and prospective customers, giving them precisely what they need, when they need it and provides an overall experience that motivates them to become your customer or confirm a sale.

We never give you an off-the-shelf template website. A web design that reflects your company's brand, while effectively engaging your target audience, takes work. We work closely with all our clients to ensure all your requirements, goals and objectives are met throughout the process. Clear, consistent and open communication throughout the process is also key...You are always kept up to date thoughout the process and we work tirelessly to gain your complete satisfaction on every level.

How Does Concort Determine Web Design Cost?

There are many factors that determine the overall cost of your web design. And like most all business interactions, you get what you are willing to pay for.

Concort believes an effective web site isn't just about compelling design. High end, strategically developed design is important however there is much more to it than choosing the right typeface, colors and visual elements.

Our designers work closely with the internet marketing team, seo experts, framework engineers and development team to ensure the overall structure and design is not just a perfect reflection of your company's brand, but also an effective marketing tool and one that will function properly and get found on the internet. In combination with the custom design work, our web design cost is also based on the planning and research that goes into an effective design as well.

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